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Apparel Brands Inc.





„Apparel Brands, Inc. originally operated as Apparelcraft.  It was owned by Society Brands, Inc. for 38 years.  It was one of the largest employers in Wrightsville, Georgia, USA.„ Society Brands, Inc. was purchased by SBI Acquisition Corp. in 1985.


„In 1987 SBI sold Apparelcraft to Jack & Judy Brinson.  At that time, Judy Brinson was a Senior Vice-President with First Union Bank in Charlotte, N.C. Jack Brinson bought into another apparel manufacturing business (P.L. Industries).


„In 1993 the majority stock ownership was transferred to Judy Brinson after she left the banking industry to manage Apparel Brands.


„Apparel Brands is a Women’s Business Enterprise Certified entity.



Our Commitment




Currently implementing 5S+1 and we will be working on other Lean manufacturing modules as well, as part of our collaboration efforts with the Cintas team.


Our Expertise


We have a very deep organization which understands the need for continual improvement and is extremely customer service driven.  This has been "fostered" due to servicing ONE customer for 22 years.  
The organization is led by a management team with 140 years of experience, as outlined in the individual Bio's.  We STAND ready to understand your needs and requirements and deliver accordingly, 100% of the time. 
Our team has a wide range of experience and while we are focused on woven bottoms, if the right opportunity arises, we can react to any product, using our past experience.
We have a proven track record in very high service levels and are focused on taking advantage of our regions close proximity to the US and deliver product as quickly as possible, without issues.  On-time, excellent quality and full and complete orders to support our customer's service levels to the "ultimate" customer. 
Please challenge us to demonstrate these capabilities.



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