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EST. 1987



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Fabric Warehouse




Gatornica AB Managua, Nicaragua

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New Ventilation System

Welcome to Apparel Brands, Inc.



Apparel Brands is a full package door-to-door supplier of mainly woven bottoms to the uniform industry. 
  • We have been in business since1987 and have operated in the US, Mexico and we are currently headquartered in Nicaragua, since 2002. 
  • We have approximately 144,500 square feet and have employed a high of 1450 people which produced100,000 units per week. 
  • We are UL certified, WRAP certified and CTPAT compliant. 
  • We are currently manufacturing FR bottoms, which includes Nomex fabric, which we have an Autoclave for the finishing process. 
  • We are currently installing a modular shirt line and will soon be establishing a denim line to take advantage of the new Denim Mill that has just opened in Nicaragua, Pride Denim. 
  • We are an On-Time, Quick-turn, very Flexible Provider. 
  • We want to be "YOUR" maintenance free vendor.





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